Telecoms Consulting

telecoms-consultingTelecommunications consulting is the process of IT Konsult evaluating the communication needs of our customer, finding the right tools to meet those needs, and helping our customer acquire those tools. In many cases, we also offer training on new equipment as part of the support services offered to our customer. Our scope of telecommunications consulting is very broad, involving all types of communication devices and services.

Businesses of all types and sizes make use of IT Konsult’s telecommunications consulting services. A new business may choose to engage IT Konsult to help in the selection and installation of an office telephone system, or aid in the design and implementation of an internal network that includes both voice and data functions. An established business may hire IT Konsult to evaluate an existing system and determine if they should add to the current system or implement a completely new one altogether.

In order to provide effective telecommunications consulting, IT Konsult is well-versed in the latest technology. This means we are up-to-date on the latest product offerings from different types of telecommunication companies, telecommunications equipment manufacturers and various services such as web and audio conferencing providers.

A client may choose to engage IT Konsult for the sole purpose of evaluating and recommending specific products and services, such as telecommunications carriers. At other times, the client may enter into a contract with IT Konsult that is more comprehensive in nature. When this is the case, the IT Konsult may be directly involved in the selection, acquisition, and installation of new equipment. It is not unusual for IT Konsult to also provide on-site training to employees on how to make the most of the new equipment or service acquired.

We offer consulting services on an ongoing basis as well as for short-term projects. Customers may choose to keep a consultant on retainer, making it easy to call upon his or her services when a system needs to be upgraded or replaced, or when the business needs some new and different type of communication service. Compensation for these services may be in the form of a flat fee, or may be billed on a per hour basis, depending on the service required.

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