About Us

IT Konsult provides Mobile App Development services, information technology consulting and website design, development and management services for small to medium enterprises within South Africa. Our strength lies in our ability to rationalise technology disciplines and focus them into simple language that is easy to understand.

We undertake detailed analysis of diverse places – whether you are a mature organisation or a rapidly growing, transitional company – allowing us to produce intimate and accurate assessments of our clients technology dynamics. We determine effective solutions to multifaceted, complex problems and infrastructure needs. We work at both owner and management levels, ensuring that our recommendations have relevance to the business and its requirements.

We measures our success by the diversity of our clients – the wide-reaching influence of projects we have concluded and the people that they impact on. We regularly challenge the traditional thinking of our clients and the industry to stimulate innovation and change.

We believe that consulting is a group activity and that the best results occur by engaging the most diverse talents. IT Konsult is a platform for integrating technical services for developing technology solutions for small to medium enterprises. Our team is drawn from highly experienced and motivated experts that have the required experience to deliver.

We facilitate holistic technology excellence, making sure that all decisions made are well founded, accepted and deliverable.

Our heritage has instilled many of the fundamental principles and responsibility of engineering into the way we work. We are dedicated to providing solutions that have been rigorously tested at all stages of a project’s lifecycle, from planning to delivery. Furthermore, we aim to develop solutions that deliver more without over-exploiting resources.

Our work is grounded in cutting-edge research. To foster knowledge sharing, IT Konsult participates in collaborative initiatives and partnerships with some of the leading technology institutions in South Africa.

Contact us to find out how our consulting and professional services c​an help you plan and build innovative solutions and optimise your IT environment to achieve real business outcomes.